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Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms in Your Home with Spray Foam Insulation

Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms in Your Home with Spray Foam Insulation

Do you suffer from allergy symptoms even in the comfort of your home? There may be an issue with exposed cracks in your walls, door frames, and window frames. Luckily, there is a fast solution available at a low cost to you – spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation makes it easy to improve the indoor comfort of your home by stopping drafts to maintain indoor temperature, reducing outdoor noise transmission, and reducing infiltration from irritants like dust and pollen. With its distinct on-contact expansion, spray foam is easily applied and expands several times its original size to fill even the smallest cracks or holes in your home. Thanks to its natural air-sealing quality, you and your family can have long-lasting protection from allergy and asthma-causing outdoor allergens.

Are you one of Maine’s thousands of allergy sufferers experiencing itchy and watery eyes, congestion, coughs, sniffles, and endless sneezing? With spray foam insulation from Anderson Insulations, you can find solace from your outdoor allergies with the protection of your properly insulated home.  We have over 17 years of experience serving Maine home and property owners with the highest quality in spray foam insulation so you can trust us for long-lasting results. Interested in taking the first step towards cleaner, healthier air in your home? Contact us today for service in Maine.

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